- PSXGameEdit FAQ -

Since I've not finished the help system for PSXGameEdit, here's some of the answers!
Please read this document before sending e-mail questions.


Errors/error messages:

"When I select any of the save game slots, the program freezes/hangs!"

Do you have an ATI Rage card?? This problem has been reported several times with ATI Rage display adaptors...

This is not a problem related to PSXGameEdit... It is most likely caused by some incompatible displaydrivers, which don't handle some functions correctly... Please install the latest drivers for your display adaptor and the problem should be solved. If not, please mail the author with relevant information.

"The display is looking weird, menus are doubled, icons are gone, etc..."

You are probably using some non-standard Win9x desktop settings. Please try to revert to the original Win9x scheme in 'Display/Properties/ and try again. You could also try the PSXGameEdit eGroups Vault, which holds a couple of essential Windows updates. Click here to go there now.

Again, also make sure that you have the latest drivers for your gfx-card.

Misc. questions:

"How do I use .psx files with my DexDrive or Bleem!/How do I convert .psx files to .gme?"

That's pretty easy, just a bit of file fiddling and you're there, please see Gothi's detailed instructions on that topic.

(Thanks to Gothi for the instructions page)

"How do I use memory card files with PSemuPro?"

You open a save with psgameedit then resave(save MemCard Image) as MemoryCard_xxxx.mc then rename to MemoryCard_xxxx.mcr

xxxx=MemoryCard # ex: MemoryCard_0000
the saves for psemupro are in PSEMUPRODIR\MemCards

(Thanks to nosoul for sending me this description)

"How do I use .VGS files with Virtual Game Station on my Mac?"

In order to convert a saved game file for use with the Virtual Game Station, you first need to download/transfer the file with the .vgs extension to the Mac. Then you will need a program such as ResEdit (available from Apple's website) to change the resource info. Once you have ResEdit, open up the game save. At first, you'll just get an empty box, but then go to "File" and choose "Get Info for...".  Here, you need to change the 'type' to "VGMc" and the 'Creator' to "VtGS".  Save your file, and now it should appear as a memory card for the VGS.

(Thanks to Steve Lu for sending me this description)

"How did you build your PlaySaver? It doesn't look like the one on the PlaySaver pages..."

Thanks for your interest in my 'design'. Actually it's nothing more than a plastic box and a small LED wrapped around a PlaySaver construction based on the schematics on the PlaySaver pages. So, I've not been doing anything special with my PlaySaver and I suggest that you visit the PlaySaver site again, read the instructions and you'll find that it's actually not that hard to figure out! :)

The official and original PlaySaver can be found by clicking here.

"How do I use PSXGE with my cartridge?, How do I flash it?, Where are the ROMS?"

PSXGE will work on most Cartridges which have been flashed with an official Caetla ROM, it will also work on several of the E.M.S. roms and ripoffs, but I won't provide information on getting the roms and flashing them here.

There's a brilliant site, which carries all the ROMS and gives you the information on how to flash the carts. Please visit xiaNaix's site by clicking here.

"How do I choose other colours in the IconEditor?"

When you are in the IconEditor you can open the colour-picker by double-clicking on the left- or rightbutton colour boxes.

"Is it possible to see and edit the game save comments like in the DexPlorer?"

Yes! In PSXGameEdit you see the comments (if any) just by placing the mouse over the slot name. If there is a comment attached, it will show up in a little yellow box after a second. If you want to edit the comment or create a new one, simply double-click on the slot title and an edit-box will appear.

"What is the difference between a Memory Card image and single game saves?"

This is a very important question if you are to understand the operation of PSXGameEdit.

A Memory Card image (image) is a complete copy of your Memory Card. This means that it is ALWAYS 15 blocks in size and loading an image will always erase all previous information in the Memory Card buffer in PSXGameEdit.

Single game saves are, as the name implies, only the slot(s) needed for a single game to save information. Take Tekken3 as an example. Tekken3 stores it's information about characters, high scores etc. in a single block (slot). Other games like Gran Turismo stores it's information in several blocks (5 for a GT save). When dealing with single game saves, you only load and save the data belonging to a particular game. A Memory Card image consists of one or more single game saves. You can't have a single game save without having a Memory Card image, in which the single games saves are stored. It wouldn't make sense to save a Tekken3 game without having a Memory Card either! :-)

Note: A single game save can be 15 blocks in theory, but it is still a single game save, NOT a Memory Card image.

"How do I use .PSX files? I only see save and load of .MC and .GME files!"

This is a very common question! Please make sure to understand the difference between Memory Card images and single game saves first (see the question "What is the difference between a Memory Card image and single game saves?"

The basics about the different formats are:

DexDrive files (.GME) are ALWAYS Memory Card images. Therefore they are always accessed with the 'Open/Save MC' and 'Open/Save MC Image' commands/buttons. This also counts for the Virtual Game Station images (.VGS).

PlaySaver/PSemuPro files (.MC & .MCR) can both be Memory Card images and single game saves. You can't tell just by looking at the name. If a single game save .MC file was created though, the name would have a region identifier appended to the filename, like in: 'Tomb Raider III_US.mc'. If you try to load a single game save with the 'Load MC Image' command, you will get an error. Now, the single slot game saves uses the .MCS extension, so it should be easier to identify saves.

Caetla, Action Replay, X-Plorer/X-Ploder etc. .PSX files are ALWAYS single game saves. To use them you MUST have an existing Memory Card image loaded or created a new one using the 'New MC Image' command. The .PSX file can then be loaded into the image using the 'Load Game' command.

"Can I have a copy of the Product Codes list?"

No you can't! :)

The 'list' is just codes entered in PSXGE and not a generally formatted and usable comprehensive list....

And more important: The codes have been compiled by people who almost risked their criminal records and I want to be able to thank all contributors personally. So there you are, go ask Sony for a full list!

"Could you please send me info. on the DexDrive comms. protocol & .GME format etc.?"

Hey, I'm not in any way affiliated with InterAct, who produces the DexDrive. I don't have other information than what I've researched myself...  

I'm now receiving many e-mails from people requesting the protocol, so I had to make a principle decision:

PSXGameEdit is made for the users... I have very little time doing the coding and support for the program. I do have to finish my Masters you know, and see my son once in a while. I have not done real sharable documentation and commented code at all... And I have not been particularly genious to find out the formats and interfacing that is used in PSXGameEdit. Besides I think it is a very good experience to find out how game saves are built if you want to use them in a program, so go on analysing!

You could of course get game save information by buying a Net-Yaroze, but it's really not that hard to decipher yourself! 98% of the info used in PSXGameEdit is researched by myself, the rest is found on the Net.

It's not that I don't want to help. I respect other developers and do want to help, but you must understand that my time is limited and I really think you should give it a try yourself first! Should you get stuck later in the process I don't mind helping you solving the problem (if I can, that is!)... Just don't expect me to hand out tutorials and tech.info...

I don't do this to be rude, but I hope you understand my decision. This counts for all technical and code-related information.

Please see the PSXGameEdit home page at http://moberg-dybdal.dk/psxge for the latest information, releases etc.

Further questions can be sent by e-mail to psxge@mail.dk

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