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PlayStation2 image (C)2000 Sony Corporation...

PS2GE development is still under way!

 PS2GE currently supports the

.xps/.sps format (GS2 v2, AR2 v2, GS/XPort v2)

Expect a 2002 release!

** The latest version of PSXGE is v1.60 Download below **

Having trouble using PSXGE? Please see Geoffrey Wagner's excellent Quick Start Guide!

Want additional hardware support in PSXGameEdit?

Below is a list of the hardware which is directly supported in PSXGameEdit and which is not yet supported (left column). Direct support means that you can use PSXGameEdit to do the reading and writing of memory cards, so you don't have to use the official software to write a game save to your memory card after you've edited or converted it with PSXGameEdit. There are three categories in the list. The first (currently supported) is the hardware which is already supported, the second (working on support) is the hardware which I have and I am working on implementing direct hardware support for. The third is the hardware which I don't have, which makes it impossible for me to do direct support for. So, if you want support for some hardware which is in the third category or which is not listed here, you are very welcome to send it to me and I'll do support for it (if possible). As always the contributors (right column) will be named and acknowledged for their help in making PSXGE better! Contact me on psxge@mail.dk

Currently supported:

DexDrive (serial version) Al Amaloo
Action Replay carts. (Caetla or E.M.S./Clone roms) Bernard Ferguson
PlaySaver interface Nick Joslin & Steven Moore
X-Plorer/X-Ploder cartridges (V2, V3, FX ) Tim Schuerewegen

Working on support:

DataDeck MadCatz Inc. / Martin Weidner
Megatap/D-PadPro interface Simon Nield & Richard Davies
RamNet interface Justin Farrell

Not yet supported:

Game Shark Pro/Action Replay V3 - none yet -
DexDrive (USB version) - none yet -
DexDrive N64 - none yet -


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The PSXGameEdit discussion group is up! The group is for:

- Information on new releases.
- Other info. from the author.
- Discussion of the use of the program (should you need it!).

The group is moderated by the PSXGameEdit author.
-- Feel free to join! --

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On this page you can find out what the PSXGameEdit can do for you, download the program and hopefully have a good time!

PSXGameEdit is a memory card/game save manager, a game save editor, a game save game region converter, a game save patcher and more!...

This utility is essential for you if you want to organize your PlayStation game saves, if you want to give it a try as a game save hacker, if you want to be able to play game saves downloaded from the Internet, share game saves with people from around the world (all PSX regions) and get more lives in your favorite games, PSXGameEdit is the answer!

The program and demonstration saves for the DexDrive, PlaySaver, X-Plorer/X-Ploder, Action Replay, Bleem! and PSEmuPro can be downloaded below...

PSXGE can communicate will several of the major interfaces for PC-PSX linking available including the DexDrive, PlaySaver, Action Replay/Game Shark cartridges with Caetla Roms via Comms. Link...

Current version is v1.60 - Features:

- Hardware support for XPloder/XPlorer cartridges,
and of course still for Caetla etc., DexDrive & PlaySaver.

- Hex-editor which gives you full editing control of game saves!

- Improved IconEditor, which lets you IMPORT and EXPORT PlayStation Icons
to and from Windows Icons (.ICO files).

- Support for load'n'save of MadCatz DataDeck files.

- Supports PocketStation saves!

- Supports Virtual Game Station saves on the Mac!

- Improved Bleem! Memory Card Images support, with compatibility lookup (WEB)...

- XPlorer cheat code lookup function (WEB)


- PSXGameEdit FAQ can be found by clicking here! Please read it and see if it answers your questions before asking the same questions all over!


The News!

  • ** Direct hardware support for reading and writing memcards with DexDrive, XPlorer/XPloder,
    Caetla flashed cartridges & PlaySaver! **
  • HexEditor to really do some game save hacking!
  • Added support for Bleem! saves! Use all saves from the Net on your Bleem! machine!
  • Support for DataDeck and Virtual Game Station saves!
  • Compare saves function. For that game save hacker in you! Try it now!
  • Cleanup memory card images so they can be compressed more and you get rid of the annoying deleted saves that were present in many DexPlorer saves.
  • Loads and Saves (Converts) ALL memorycard files existing on the PC.
  • Lots of other improvements made! I can't remember it all, go download and get rockin'!


Screenshot from a version of PSXGameEdit:

psxge160shot.GIF (14917 bytes)

Features of PSXGameEdit (v1.60):

patchscr.gif (7006 bytes)

And the cool new HexEditor:

Supported formats:

Required hardware:

To utilize the PSXGameEdit program fully, you must have some hardware to do the actual communication with the memory cards. Currently the program supports the following hardware:

Please note that PSXGameEdit can read and write memory cards directly using the DexDrive, Caetla/EMS/Action Replay flashed cartridges & PlaySaver, but for other hardware, PSXGameEdit depends on the hardware to do the read/write operations between the PC and memory card.

If you don't have any of the above, I highly recommend building the PlaySaver which is very cool! The version that I have built looks like this, for building questions and schematics, please see the official PlaySaver site:

playsaver.jpg (20522 bytes)

PSXGameEdit is developed and coded by Lars Ole Dybdal and you can contact me by sending e-mail to psxge@mail.dk

Where to find game saves/cool links:

Following is a list of cool internet sites. You can download PSX game saves and get a lot of other cool PSX info:

PSXSaves - Gothi's place with lots of saves and super instructions!
vgstrategies.miningco.com/library/save/bl_savepsx.htm - Lot's of single game saves and very comprehensive!
www.psxmax.com - Likewise, lot's of saves and other PSX-info.
X-Plorer International Code Creators Club - If you are serious about your XP, then this is the place! Also has saves.
Bleem! PSX Emulator - An absolutely cool emulator for the top tuned machine. PSXGE compatible ;)
EmuHQ - The one site for all your emulation links'n'news. Has a nice Bleem! section.

PSXEmu - Emulation site with lots of Bleem! related pages. Go visit!


PSXGameEdit wouldn't be the program it is without the help, suggestions, comments, bug reports and ideas that several people have given me based on the betas of the program. Here's a list of some of the persons who have provided excellent feedback:

A very special thank you to:

All internal Beta testers!! - Your response, patience and willingness to comment on the 'in-between-versions' is gold!

Al Amaloo - You made it possible to get the program further, I'm very pleased with my DexDrive! Many thanks!

Nick Joslin & Steven Moore - Authors of the original PlaySaver project, which gave me the idea to begin coding PSXGameEdit. Thanks Nick, for discussing all kinds of matters with me during the process!

Bleem-team - You know who you are, and so does everyone else ;) Thanks for a fab. program and keep the spirit guys!

Matt De Gabrielle - Thanks mate for helping me keeping track of, and finding invaluable information! You're FAB!

Tim Schuerewegen - Thanks for all your help and input! XP support wouldn't be without you! Your work for the PSX/XPlorer community is wonderful!

Geoffrey A. Wagner - Thanks for all the brilliant work on the Quick Start Guide, it was needed! Maybe PSXGE will be user friendly some day ;)

xiaNaix - Many thanks for all the info on the Caetla/'AR' stuff! It really helped me further!

K-Comms - Thanks for doing the fab. Caetla Rom's. And thanks for releasing the much needed info!

Nathan Pearson - Thanks for the cool icons! I'll try to implement them all, but keep sending them!

Bernard Ferguson/MIBS. Corp. - Thanks for the GameWizard cartridge! Couldn't do hw-support without it!

'Avid Gamer' - A BIG thanks for risking a criminal record when hunting Product Codes in rental stores! Cool!

Eric Hohertz - For information, patch research and for advocating PSXGameEdit to new users!

Harold Toler - Thanks for the patches, you're brilliant!... Keep up the fab work!

James Moon - You just kept on sending those codes, right? Thanks!

Arjay - Thanks for the comprehensive suggestions list! There's enough to get me overclocked, alright!

Tamar Pandi  - Hope we'll find a way to get those Japanese signs right!

Michael Reyes - Your funny computer/setup just has the BEST errors! Well, some are also PSXGE's :)

Klaus Timmermann - Thanks for your cool suggestions, keep up the good work with XCheatEd.

Michael Ø. Pedersen - Thanks for being willing to code the Icon Editor. I didn't think you'd do it when I asked! It's COOL!

Mike Smith - Thanks for your enthusiastic support, testing, comments, ideas, bug reports and cool emails.

and the rest but not least!, in no particular order..:

Major Tom, John Roberts, MAD, Eli Curtz, Eric Livengood, Richard Perrin, Mika Kuntsi, Lindsay Payne, Lars Madsen, Brian Peek, Karsten Sethre, DJ Brookshire.

If you are not mentioned, I must have forgot it! Please mail me again, and we'll have it fixed :)

Download PSXGameEdit

The current version of PSXGameEdit can be downloaded here:

The current release is v1.60 and it can be downloaded with a single click below!


Well, try it!

- Download PSXGameEdit.zip v1.60 (approx. 363k) from PSXGE home page


The program is freeware and the use of the program is at your own risk. :)

Feel free to link this page, the latest version of the program will always be available here!

PSXGameEdit was first released in January 1999

All registered trademarks and names are owned by and copyright their respective owners.

PSXGameEdit is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Sony Corporation.

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